Some photos from Great Enlightenment Celebration Day – 1st May 2022

Here are some photos from Great Enlightenment Celebration Day on 1st May 2022.

Luke playing drum.           


Frans playing guitar and singing.

Bori playing clarinet.

Hejin Gyomunim as M.C.

Hejin Gyomunim as M.C.

Prayer by InMyung Gyomunim and Sue.

Elio reading Head Dharma Master’s message.

Tess chanting Il-won-sang vow.

Luke reading scripture.

InMyung Gyomunim giving Dharma talk.

All attentively listening to Dharma talk.

Group photo.

Holding the “Celebration! Great Enlightenment & the Founding of Won-Buddhism” banner.

Having lunch (Korean bibimbap).

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