Candlelight Celebration – 1st June 2022

Candlelight Celebration  – 1st June 2022

Dear all Dharma friends

Please join us on Wednesday evening the 1st of June at 5:30pm for a wonderful celebration and a beautiful Korean meal which will be served afterwards.

With our world and families experiencing such challenging times, please join us together for wishes and prayers of happiness and joy.

During the evening, you will receive a bamboo boat candle to light while sending wishes and prayers for our loved ones.

We will make lotus lanterns and do prayers as part of the celebration to commemorate Sotaesan’s passing into Nirvana on this day the 1st June 1943.

You are most welcome to share with us any happy memories of family who have passed during the celebration.


Date : 1st June 2022 (Wednesday)

Time : 5:30 pm

Place : Gosford Meditation Temple

20 Bundaleer Crescent, Bensville, 2251

RSVP : 30th May 2022.  Donations are welcome.

Contact : 4368 2393

Some photos from Great Enlightenment Celebration Day – 1st May 2022

Here are some photos from Great Enlightenment Celebration Day on 1st May 2022.

Luke playing drum.           


Frans playing guitar and singing.

Bori playing clarinet.

Hejin Gyomunim as M.C.

Hejin Gyomunim as M.C.

Prayer by InMyung Gyomunim and Sue.

Elio reading Head Dharma Master’s message.

Tess chanting Il-won-sang vow.

Luke reading scripture.

InMyung Gyomunim giving Dharma talk.

All attentively listening to Dharma talk.

Group photo.

Holding the “Celebration! Great Enlightenment & the Founding of Won-Buddhism” banner.

Having lunch (Korean bibimbap).