Dharma Name Ceremony on 29th November 2020

Dear Friends,

On 29th  November 2020, we celebrate the Day of Self-Transformation. On this special day, we are happy for Chris, Alan, June, Lila and Ryan, who will be receiving Dharma Names. Please support their commitment and spiritual journey by joining us.

Historical Background of Self-transformation Day

In Wonki 4 (1919), Sotaesan’s first nine disciples meditated and prayed, each at a different mountain, for 100 days. Towards the end of this prayer series, Sotaesan asked whether they would be willing to let go of everything for the deliverance of all suffering beings. The disciples did not hesitate to say they would do everything in their power to fulfill this vow. To ratify their resolve, each disciple pressed his thumb on a sheet of white paper. Despite the fact that they used no ink, red thumb prints emerged. Sotaesan proclaimed this as proof of the disciples’ sincerity and faith. He endowed them with dharma names as a sign of spiritual transformation and rebirth. On this day of Self-transformation, we celebrate the founding spirit of Won Buddhism-dedicating ourselves fully and without hesitation to the dharma of “no-self” and the vow to serve all.

What is the significance of a dharma name ?

In Won Buddhism, receiving a dharma name signifies your rebirth as a sincere practitioner. Head Dharma Master of Won Buddhism deeply contemplates and meditates to find the right name for you. Your dedication to deepen your practice, in both mind and action, grows until you embody the meaning of your dharma name. Through the naming ceremony, your promise and commitment to your practice is blessed by the community.

What happens after receiving a dharma name ?

Upon accepting your dharma name, you enter the path of six dharma stages. At the first stage you will receive the 10 precepts for beginners. You can meet one-on-one with Kyomunim to ask questions and receive supportive guidance for your spiritual development. All dharma name holders are members of Kyowhadan. During a monthly gathering and yearly retreat, this small group supports and shares challenges and benefits of dharma practice.

You can bring food you would like to share at Lunch with Korean food.

We hope that you can join us.


On 29th November 2020, at 10am we will held the Dharma Name ceremony at Bensbille Meditation centre.




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