Retreat – October 2018

Retreat – October 2018

Dear all Dharma friends

Let’s celebrate the spring season.

Let’s remember the Founding Master quoting an ancient sage saying that :

“Three days of training the mind becomes a treasure for a thousand years ; an object coveted for a hundred years becomes dust in a single morning.”

Ordinary beings, however, do not understand this principle, so they treasure only their physical bodies and neglect to seek their minds even once.

Those who cultivate the Way understand this principle. Thus, they forget their bodies in order to seek their minds.

In this October retreat, there will be special lecture, “The wisdom of psychology that affects us” by Nicky Wright.

We will be practising meditation, chants, qi-gong, and healing movements for the benefit of the health and harmony of our bodies and minds.

Lunch will be served with Korean food.

Everybody is welcome. We hope that you can join us.                                                                                      



Date : 28th October 2018 (Sunday)

Time : 9.00am – 2.00pm

Place : Gosford Meditation Temple

               20 Bundaleer Crescent, Bensville, 2251

Cost : $30 (Adults), Children free

RSVP : by 25th October 2018

Contact : 4368 2393



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