Great Enlightenment Celebration on 29th April 2018

Great Enlightenment Celebration on 29th April 2018

We are delighted to invite you and your family and friends to this special occasion celebrating the great enlightenment.

102 years ago, in the first light of dawn, on April 28, 1916, Master Sotaesan was enlightened to the Truth of the Universe. Hence, Won Buddhism was born on that day, and we celebrate this day as our spiritual birthday. We also recognise the great enlightenment of all the buddhas and sages throughout history, as well as honour our innate, Buddhist nature.

After his great enlightenment, Sotaesan said :

“All things in the universe are one of one spiritual nature. All dharma come from one source. In this oneness, the principle of no beginning and no ending and the principle of cause and effect are mutually grounded on one another, creating the clear Truth.”

The program will include meditation, dharma sharing, music performance by Mr Luke Mulders and Mr Gabor, a dharma speech by Mr Elio Gatti.

Lunch will include Bibimbab and Kimchi.


I hope that you can join us. Please RSVP by 25th April, 2018

e-mail :

phone : (02) 4368 2393


When : 10:00 am, Sunday 29th April, 2018

Place : Gosford Meditation Centre

20 Bundaleer Crescent, Bensville NSW 2251


Palms together,

Rev. In Myung & Rev. Hea Jin

Meditation and Kimchi Retreat – 25 February 2018

Meditation and Kimchi Workshop

Dear Dharma friends

We would like to be with you, your family and your friends.

Only those who rise up early can enjoy the morning star and obtain the energy of the spiritual universe.

This month, we are having a Kimchi workshop with mindfulness meditation.

We will learn to make kimchi, particularly cabbage kimchi, radish kimchi, and cucumber kimchi.

Kimchi is recognised as one of the five most healthy fermented foods in the world.

We hope that your mind and body will become healthier through meditation and healthy food.

Lunch will be served with Korean bulgogi with rice as the feature dish.

So come and join us for a fun day !

P.S. If you want to buy some kimchi, please let us know when you are confirming your attendance.

Date               :   25 February 2018 (Sunday)

Time              :   9:30 am – 2:00 pm

Place              :   Gosford Meditation Temple, 20 Bundaleer Crescent, Bensville, 2251

Cost                :   $30 (Children free)

RSVP              :   By 22 February 2018

Contact          :   4368 2393

1st Retreat 2018

New Year’s Retreat 2018

Have you ever been interested in the basic philosophy of Won Buddhism?

Well, during the New Year’s Retreat 2018, you will get the opportunity to learn about the Fourfold Grace that teaches us the essential way of human life, the Threefold Study and the Eight Articles that show the essential way of practice.

Our special guest, Zen Master, Gasan Kim Sung Taek, will be talking about meditation life and the philosophy of Sotesan and their benefits to our wellbeing.

We will be practicing various meditations and qigongs, which will help achieve harmony and health of body and mind, and the nourishment of life.

Healthy vegetable food will be served for lunch.


I hope that you can join us.

Date : 28th  January 2018

Time : 9.00am – 2.00pm

Place : Gosford Meditation Temple

20 Bundaleer Crescent, Bensville, NSW, 2251

Cost : $30

RSVP : by 25 January 2018

Contact : (02) 4368 2393,


P.S. : Please refer to our website ( for class schedules for 2018.

Celebrating New Year’s Day 2018 !

Celebrating New Year’s Day 2018 !

Come and celebrate the first day of the new year with meditation, prayers, music, dharma messages and more.

Let us greet the new year together with hopes and resolutions for the new year.

May your new year be filled with lots of joy and insightful discovery!

All are welcome, including children.

There will be a dharma talk given by Zen Master, Gasan Kim Sung Taek.


Delicious lunch will be served.


Date : Monday, 1st January 2018

Time : 10 am

Place : 20 Bundaleer Crescent, Bensville, NSW

RSVP : by 27th December 2017

Contact : (02) 4368 2393,

No Sunday services on December 24 and 31.

Dear everyone

I would like to express my sincerely thanks to all those who participated in the retreats and meditations in 2017.

There will be no Sunday services held on December 24 and 31.

There will also be no service held on December 26.

Other services will be held as scheduled.

I would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season.