Five Organs Healing Sounds Retreat – August 2019

Five Organs Healing Sounds Retreat – August 2019

Dear all friends

Healthy living is happy living.”

Winter is a season when we can become subject to illnesses, such as the cold and the flu.

Therefore, it is important to take extra care of our bodies and mind.

Making five types of sounds during meditation has healing benefits for our five organs as well as calming our minds.

You are invited to a fresh winter morning to relax and wind down by practising varieties of meditation, chanting, qigong, dharma talk, and tea ceremony.

Lunch will be served with Korean food.

We hope that you can join us.

Date : 25th August 2019 (Sunday)

Time : 9.00 am – 2.00 pm

Place : Gosford Meditation Temple

20 Bundaleer Crescent, Bensville, 2251

Cost : $30.00

RSVP : by 22nd August, 2019

Contact : 4368 2393

We invite you all to the meditation class and making tea – at 10.00 am on Sunday July 28

Dear all Dharma friends

Recently, I visited Korea for two months and have just returned to Australia.

I would like to thank GaSan Master and JiSan Gyomunim for their help at the Gosford Meditation Centre during the past two months while I was in Korea. They have safely returned to Korea.

I hope that you are taking care of yourself from the cold elements.

At 10.00am, on Sunday, July 28th, we would like to invite everyone to a one-hour meditation class and afterwards making tea with ginger and beet, which will keep us warm and healthy.

I hope to see you all then.

Palms together,
Rev. Inmyung & Rev. Heajin


Silent Autumn Night Retreat – March 2019

Dear all friends

Autumn is the season when all things are harvested.

It follows the seasons of spring and summer when hard work is put into preparing and sowing the fields for harvesting in autumn.

Therefore, as reaping of the fruits occur in autumn, it is quite rewarding.

Consequently, autumn is also a time of silent reflection and perspective.

You are invited to a cool autumn evening in March to “reap the fruits” – to relax and de-stress through the silent practice of meditation, yoga (Bronwyn), qigong, chanting with candlelight, and connecting with nature.

Accordingly, you will acquire strength, peace, tranquility, and enlightenment.

What could be more rewarding than that ?

We hope that you can join us.

Note: There is no Sunday Meditation class on 31st March.

Date : 30th March, 2019 (Saturday)

Time : 5pm – 9pm

Place : Gosford Meditation Temple

20 Bundaleer Crescent, Bensville, 2251

Cost : Any donation would be appreciated

RSVP : by 28th March, 2019

Contact : 4368 2393